Out Of School Team


Comfortable, Respectful, Safe

The primary goals of our Out of School Program are to provide a comfortable, respectful, safe and stimulating environment to effectively meet the needs of school aged children. We are committed to provide every child structured, yet casual after school activities that promote educational enrichment and personal growth.

Heather O’Brien, Early Childhood Educator
Assistant Manager

Educator in the 3-5 Pre School Program & Team Leader in the Out of School Program. Heather has her Early Childhood Education Certification and had been employed by the Society since March 1996.

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Shelly Schikowski, Early Childhood Educator

Shelly has her Early Childhood Educator Certification and has been with the society since 1991.

Sandra Evans, Early Childhood Educator

Sandra has her Early Childhood Educator Ceritfication and has been with the Society since 2008.